• Is your work ethic affecting your relationship?

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    Your organisation in the office could be the key to a successful love life, according to new studies. A survey by Rescue Remedy revealed that relationships regularly reach breaking point due to a lack of organisation and communication skills, with many across the country admitting their partner is often responsible for being late for work, appointments and meetings with friends.

    Maintaining productivity during the working day could be the secret to a lasting romance, even affecting the way you act among your friends. Making changes in the office from personal hygiene to desk cleanliness and even making sure the job is done before going on a break could change the way your colleagues view you, and your positive productivity should come back into your home life. By stopping yourself from being an office pest, you could find yourself naturally making plans and meeting deadlines socially too.

    Women were found to be the biggest offenders when it came to everyday disorganisation, found to be most likely to show up to meetings late and miss deadlines, while men were more likely to rush and get things done last minute. The lack of forward planning was found to spill into home life, with women revealed to show up to nights out later than intended and men often pack for their holidays the night before, making them more likely to forget to pack certain thing and leave in a hurry.

    “For many couples, they will be familiar with the scenario of one of them waiting around for the other one, who is still getting ready,” said Rescue Remedy. “It’s not surprising to see this leads to so many rows within the nation’s households – adding to the worry and stress which already comes from being late.”

    If you’re worried you’re the only one who always feels like you’re late to everything, don’t worry; more than one in five women admit to regularly showing up to work late, and around half of workers believe they aren’t considered too organised.

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