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      Nearly half of workers denied training opportunities

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      Bosses are refusing workers key training opportunities that would make them more effective and productive, according to new research.

      A survey of 1003 US workers, carried out by the largest US-based training provider The Knowledge Academy revealed that almost half (47%) say their employer has refused their requests for learning in the past.

      This is despite one in three of those who had had their requests declined reporting that they believe training would significantly impact their ability to do their current job. But the last laugh could be on bosses, as the data shows more than one in four (26%) workers felt development would make them more productive at work.

      Of the reasons bosses gave for declining these requests, a lack of budget was the most common, with 23% of employees reporting that was the excuse they received. 19% said their boss didn’t want them to take time out of the office. Meanwhile, 7% said their manager didn’t feel the development in question was relevant and 5% claimed their boss didn’t feel it would be beneficial.

      Barinder Hothi, Managing Director at The Knowledge Academy commented: “It is a real shame that requests for training are not being taken more seriously by employers. This research clearly shows that undertaking relevant training can not only increase workers’ ability to do their job, but also improve their productivity levels.

      “The 19% of bosses who said they did not want workers undertaking training as it would mean they would be out of the office are therefore losing out on the potential gains in productivity and quality of work that extra training could provide.”

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