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      Office Provider Installs Zoom Booths to meet Demand for Video Conferencing

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      Flexible Workspace provider x+why is installing Zoom Booths in its office spaces as part of a range of post-coronavirus initiatives designed to encourage people back into the office.

      x+why has been adapting its workplaces to mirror the changes within the confines of public health and the shifting trends that need to be implemented in order to ensure the safe return to work.

      Smaller meeting rooms designed for teams taking video conferencing calls have been introduced, and the fabled phone booths are getting a makeover and are being turned in to Zoom Booths.

      Zoom Booths will be fitted with perimeter lighting, to get rid of shadows under the eyes, acoustic performance will be paramount and backdrops will be designed to avoid the silhouetting white walls can cause.

      In anticipation of a move toward companies taking smaller private offices, as people continue to part work from home, x+why has introduced large flexible collaboration rooms called Mission Rooms to allow space to convene on the occasion everyone is in the office.

      Creative Director Phil Nevin said: “Video calls are here to stay, which is a good thing. But they are just not going to work in an open plan office setting. Not only will they distract colleagues, but the acoustics will be terrible and distracting for those on the other end of the call too. Smaller, more private spaces to make video calls are now essential”.

      x+why is also increasing air circulation in their office spaces by introducing wider corridors to allow people to safely pass each other and using materials proven to reduce coronavirus survival.

      As well as the obligatory hand sanitizer, on-site coronavirus tests are available at x+why’s offices, as well as key rings which allow you to open doors without touching handles.

      Co-founder Rupert Dean added: “Contrary to recent speculation we do not believe the office is dead. We always knew flexibility was the key but before coronavirus, those who allowed their employees to work from home on occasion and who saw the office as destinations to broaden mindset and promote employee progression were seen as innovative.

      “I suspect that may change to ‘mainstream’. We have always designed spaces that complement this requirement. And we will always make adaptations and look to evolve, how we design space revolves much more around health and wellbeing than ever before”.

      Adaptions to the company’s established offices in Whitechapel, Hoxton and Spitalfields are under development and new sites in Holborn and Cambridge will be completely altered for the changing office landscape.

      x+why’s Holborn office is set to open before Christmas 2020 and the Cambridge site shortly after in Q1 2021.


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