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      How to reach peace of mind in today’s fast paced world – Handy Tips for EAs from Sarah & Lorna in the PA Life Wellbeing Webinar, sponsored by AMEX GBT.

      Ahead of their panel chat at the PA Life show this year, meet personal development leader and mindset coach, Lorna Dunning and the founder of Celebrate Yourself, Sarah Powell.

      In this informal introductory chat, Lorna and Sarah will be sharing their stories over a cup of tea and asking each other about the lessons and experiences which have made them who they are today. They will share some helpful ideas that you can put into place to make a difference in your own life straight away.

      WHEN: Feb 6, 2020 12:00 PM

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      Firstly – Self-celebration, which acknowledges, supports and celebrates who you are right now. It bypasses the modern day pressure to have more and be better and instead offers a quiet and brilliant support tool in your back pocket at all times, cheering you on. And you can start doing it, right now.

      Lorna Dunning

      Next – Self-image. Whether we realise it or not, each of us carries around with us a Mental Blueprint or picture of ourselves. This picture acts like a control mechanism, setting the boundaries defining what you achieve, how you feel, how you behave and respond to situations.

      Sarah Powell

      Learn how your self-image is helping you, where it is holding you back and how to change it. You can change anything in your life when you change your self-image.

      After the webinar we will be asking you to send your suggestions for topics and questions that you would like to be included in the PA Life panel discussion at the PA Show on 25th February.

      Register for the PAL Life Wellbeing Webinar here:

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