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    During this latest national lockdown – possibly because the start of the year means we all look at new career opportunities and self-improvement – it seems that more of us are looking at learning new skills. And not just baking banana bread and sourdough bread…

    From online courses to webinars, more of us are investing in our future and thinking about next career moves.

    The average company has been spending 67% less on staff training during the last 12 months compared to the previous year, so we have shared some tips to help you with your personal development. They include ten top tips to create exceptional customer experiences and three strategies for practising business management.

    In addition, we recently spoke with Niamh Smithers Senior Executive Assistant at ESW about how the lockdowns have changed personal development. You can watch the full interview on the PA Life Magazine YouTube Channel.

    We would love to hear your tips on learning new skills during lockdown and what sources you have found most useful. Please feel free to add comments to the video or get in touch with us directly.

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