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      Productivity at risk through summer months

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      Managers need to do more to perk up their workers during the summer, according to a new report by Peldon Rose. The Happy office survey examined how companies could be doing more to boost productivity when the sun starts to shine and the office becomes less enticing. From a change in the office layout to a shift in office culture, the workplace specialists are warning managers to address the needs of staff if they want to avoid a risk to productivity, morale and revenue.

      84% of employees surveyed admitted they would work harder if they were given perks over the summer months, while a third revealed they don’t receive any summer treats whatsoever. The most attractive extras included the opportunity for ice cream, air conditioning and flexible hours to let workers spend more time in the sun or with their children. Over half of employees would like outdoor spaces so they could soak in the sun while they worked, yet 40% would just be grateful for the opportunity to get some natural light.

      Brits were found to be fairly miserable when it came to facing another day in the office during the fleeting summer, with 42% feeling their workplace didn’t have a positive impact on their happiness. With the working environment being a major factor in employee happiness, Peldon Rose is giving advice to managers in order to make the most out of your spaces.

      Employers should ‘create a social workplace to help team bonding,’ according to the report, adding that ‘some employees will offer salary sacrifice and longer hours in the office in exchange for an office refurbishment with enhanced facilities.’ Bosses are urged not to undervalue summer perks like group activities or staff lunches, with 87% admitting such activities would help bring teams together and forger stronger bonds among colleagues.

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