Reasons to stay at a job longer

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We report a lot on why you should leave a bad job and how to find a new one, but sometimes there are perks to sticking with a role. It comes down to more than just better pay. Here are a few reasons to stay at a job longer.

More holiday – Many companies reward long-standing employees with extra holiday time after a certain point in their career (such as an extra day each year after two years of service). That alone might be worth putting up with a few bad days.

Better benefits – If a pay rise isn’t on the cards, your dedication might put you in good standing to negotiate better benefits instead, such as flexible hours or the ability to work from home on occasion.

Friendship – So many people come and go in the business world these days that it’s hard to really get to know them. But those that stay in a job longer tend to form better relationships that last long after one of them has moved on.

Trust – Because there’s a high turnover at some companies, people who have been there longer are the ones management trusts with important tasks and information. Plus, new employees will look up to you for help and advice, giving you the opportunity to become a mentor.

Promotions – If you continue to prove yourself during your time at the company, it’s likely you’ll be at the forefront of management’s mind when it comes to promotions.

Learning and development – Firms don’t want to waste money on training employees that might move on. If you’ve been with your company longer, you’re more likely to be first in line for training and development.

More responsibility – Want the opportunity to work on special projects and take on more responsibility? The longer you stay, the more you’ll be trusted to take the lead on important work.

Less stress – So long as you maintain a high level of productivity, you can rest assured you won’t be getting your P45 anytime soon. And if the company suddenly takes a hit financially, the people who have been there longer are the least likely to be made redundant.

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