• Sick days rank among Brits’ top guilty pleasures

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    Pulling a sickie and spending time in the house alone has been revealed as among the top British guilty pleasures, according to new research. A report by Tetley revealed that missing work just to watch daytime TV, eat chocolate and have full rein of your home without having to share your space with your partner, children, or flatmates is secretly the British dream.

    Spending the day in your pyjamas, and eating a whole packet of biscuits with your tea whilst marathoning Netflix also ranked highly on the list, proving that ultimately most of us just want to do what our parents told us we couldn’t as children. And if that’s not for you, you could be more likely to find yourself ignoring housework as you take hundreds of pictures to find the perfect ‘day off selfie’ and indulging in food left by other members of the household.

    With most of us still kids at heart, the results revealed that many across the country just want some time to themselves to let loose. Despite this, nearly one in five are too embarrassed to reveal their guilty pleasures to loved ones and a third of us will actively hide our secrets from even those closest to us. Although a majority of the population would like to be seen as sensible and mature, Tetley is reminding Brits that it’s okay to have a little fun.

    “Life would be boring if we didn’t indulge occasionally,” said Tetley’s Rachel Turner. “Whether it’s a little bit of luxury, a little bit naughty, or something you wouldn’t want anyone else to know about.”

    Top 10 guilty pleasures
    1. Having an extra scoop of ice cream or slice of cake
    2. Ordering takeaway because you can’t be bothered to cook
    3. Watching Disney films and cartoons as an adult
    4. Falling asleep in front of the television, or at the cinema
    5. Watching Netflix/catch up on TV or films back to back all day
    6. Having an extra tea break when you should be working/studying
    7. Ordering enough takeaway to feed a small family
    8. Stealing soaps and toiletries from hotels
    9. Staying in your pyjamas all day
    10. Having a whole pack of biscuits with a cup of tea

    You can find the full list of guilty pleasures here. What’s your perfect sick day? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.