Simple steps to maximise an investment in hospitality

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Whether purchasing for business, reward, recognition or for personal pleasure, by implementing and following simple procedures outlined below by Keith Prowse, bookers of hospitality will be better placed to make more informed, and ultimately more successful investment decisions.

In today’s marketplace, good etiquette requires that the consumer is placed at the forefront of the decision-making process. Selecting the right experience is an increasingly essential part of any company’s marketing strategy.

In terms of due diligence, it’s essential to understand the target audience, their likes, dislikes*, requirements and expectations; this insight allows for a more rounded purchasing decision.

*If a priority invite recipient dislikes rugby, but loves tennis, they’re more likely to accept an invitation letter to the latter than the former. If they’re senior and regularly receive invitations, they’re more likely to pick and choose – why would they select your invitation over another (spell out the unique selling points).

By ensuring you have invited an engaged and target audience, mutual conversation and understanding will flow, allowing for quality networking opportunities. This in turn will increase the customer experience and overall satisfaction of their purchase, ideally resulting in repeat business.

If a guest joining you at an event isn’t knowledgeable about the sport, consider sending them some fun facts with their invitation – beginners guide to Rugby Union, how to read a racecard etc.

Post event
While it is good etiquette to send a follow up to your attendees and to maximise opportunities through social media sites such as LinkedIn; the relationship can be enhanced significantly with more valuable face-time via a repeat experience. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the second and subsequent year’s offerings differ and provide something new to your target audience.

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