SUMMER PARTIES: Create a complete brand experience

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Following the latest update, it’s safe to say we’re feeling excited and positive for the summertime.

With events set to return this May, it’s time to start planning for in-person events (finally!) and that’s where Drayton can help!

Drayton work as an extension of your events and marketing team to help create a complete brand experience. Their role is to match merchandise material and gifting to your events, audience and market to produce maximum advertising exposure and promotional effect.


Depending on the type of event, you may wish to send the attendees something beforehand to create some excitement and buzz. Some clients opt for items suitable to be posted on social media.

  • Glamorous Invitations (physical or digital)
  • Bespoke Gift Boxes
  • Countdown Calendars

During the Event

Of course, you will want to promote your brand throughout the event – whether that be with branded décor, giveaways or gifts. Below are just a few of the most popular summer items:

  • Deck chairs & Bean bag chairs
  • Bunting, Balloons & Banners
  • Glasses, Cups, Plates, Trays, Serviettes & Stirrers
  • Gift Bags & Boxes in every shape and size
  • Sunglasses, Lanyards, Wristbands, Badges
  • Towels, Fans, Lotions, Foam Seating, Travel Wallets
  • Water Bottles, Power Chargers, Folders & Notepads
  • Energy Drinks, Beverages, Confectionery & Snacks
  • PPE – signage, branded face coverings, UV Cleaners etc. We even have special anti-bacterial coating that can be used on most printed & some branded materials.
  • And many more!

After the Event

Again, depending on the type of event, you may like to send something to attendees afterwards to keep your brand in their minds. This is usually an item linked to your event / theme and is functional as well as memorable.

Where do we start?

To get the ball rolling, send Drayton details of your event – whether simply a theme or as extensive as a brief & budget. They will then begin creating ideas specifically for you and your brand.

Drayton are the Brand Tailors of the promotional world, dressing up anything from a peanut to a marquee with your brand and message.

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