• The average Brit reckons they take ten ‘risks’ a week

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    Leaving the house without a coat, letting the phone battery go lower than 50 per cent charged and going to bed past 11pm on a school night feature in the top 40 list of ‘little risks’ among us crazy Brits, who clearly like living on the edge.

    Other mini risks, which emerged in the poll of 2,000 adults conducted by the Skipton Building Society (you can take the test by scrolling past the big list below), include going outside with wet hair, ordering something other than the usual at a restaurant or veering from the norm when buying lunch.

    Some consider driving the car with little petrol and jumping down the last few steps of the staircase a little chancy.

    Others feel they’re taking a risk if they dip into their savings, go into their overdraft or fail to pay their bills on time.

    Skipton Building Society’s Stacey Stothard said of the OnePoll survey results: “A risk is subjective and this research shows some of the everyday decisions Brits make that they consider come with a degree of risk to them.

    “From the chance of a poor food choice through to the possibility a decision could leave you without your mobile phone working– this new list reveals the top 40 scenarios Brits consider their most common little risks.

    “What’s interesting is this research presents a good snapshot of how we recognise and accept risk, together with our own personal boundaries and how far we’re prepared to push them.

    “People naturally see risk in different things, having different appetites to those risks.

    “But the gap between what we consider to be risky together with the potential reward is ultimately what our decision is based on.

    “And this will likely differ depending on the wider risk subject and our personal involvement in it.”


    1. Leaving the house without an umbrella/coat
    2. Going to bed past 11pm on a work night
    3. Getting something different for lunch
    4. Leaving the house with your phone battery below
    5. Ordering something other than ‘your usual’ when eating in a restaurant
    6. Eating something past its sell by date
    7. Getting an unplanned takeaway
    8. Leaving the house without your phone
    9. Turning up at a restaurant without booking first
    10. Dipping into your savings
    11. Jumping the last few steps on the stairs
    12. Going out with wet hair
    13. Going outside barefoot
    14. Pressing snooze on the alarm
    15. Crossing the road when the red man is showing
    16. Drinking coffee or tea last thing before going to bed
    17. Driving with low petrol
    18. Not carrying cash in your purse/wallet
    19. Going on a big night out on a work night
    20. Getting the last tube/train home
    21. Not seeking financial advice
    22. Leaving your curtains open when you go on holiday
    23. Leaving windows open in your house when you are not there
    24. Driving with the petrol light on or with little petrol left
    25. Spending and not checking your bank balance
    26. Going on holiday where you know there will be no phone signal
    27. Reading in the bath
    28. Driving against the direction arrows around a car park
    29. Not comparing your utility bills/savings accounts
    30. Going into your overdraft
    31. Not opening your post
    32. Sitting in a reserved seat on the train
    33. Boarding an airplane last
    34. Overfilling your hand luggage or using a bag which is too big and hoping it won’t get spotted
    35. Leaving a tap running
    36. Not paying bills on time
    37. Having a cheat meal before weigh in day
    38. Turning up at a gig/cinema/event without buying a ticket first
    39. Not turning on your house alarm on
    40. Not locking your car



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