The Kia Oval appoints a Head of Sustainability

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The Kia Oval has created a new role of Head of Sustainability, reflecting the commitment of the business to being carbon neutral by 2030. Emily Pritchard has been appointed to the position, having previously held the role of Conference and Events Sales Manager at The Kia Oval.

The new role will focus on building on the work already done to improve the sustainability of all events that take place at the ground. The Kia Oval is home to Surrey County Cricket Club and Pritchard’s responsibility will also involve leading the Club’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

Surrey CCC has been committed to improving sustainability for many years, introducing reusable, recyclable glassware in 2015; sourcing all electricity from renewable sources; and recently installing an ‘ORCA’ machine – a food waste disposal processor that liquifies all food waste allowing it to be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way onsite.

Surrey CCC and The Kia Oval have been recognised for their efforts to reducing their environmental impact, receiving a Platinum Status award from EcoSmart and winning the international ‘Sustainability in Sports’ award at the Sports Business Awards in 2021.

Speaking after her appointment, Emily Pritchard said: “The Kia Oval and Surrey CCC have long been committed to improving our sustainability and we are determined to achieve carbon net zero, with targets being set this year. We have responsibility to make a difference in our community and to our local area, we want to lead the way in significantly reducing our impact on the environment and also supporting others to do the same. We know it’s a long road ahead but we’re making every change we can to help us reach our goals.”

Sustainability measures already introduced by Surrey CCC and The Kia Oval:

Food and Beverage

  • Since 2015, every drink bought at The Kia Oval is served in reusable or recyclable glassware (reusable pint glasses, carafes, cups or recyclable cans)
  • There are 14 water fountains have been installed around the ground to allow fans to refill their own bottles.
  • Where possible, food is served in compostable packaging and the ground has installed a comprehensive compostable waste stream, solving a problem where food waste would spoil large parts of the Club’s dry mixed recycling.
  • All conferences and events at the ground are serviced by filtered water in reusable glass bottles that are then retained, washed, and reused for future events.
  • The Club has introduced a procurement strategy that ensures onsite vendors products are fully recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • All products sold onsite are Palm oil free.
  • Increasing plant-based options and the reduction of red meat at food vendors in the ground.
  • Kitchens at The Kia Oval use an ‘Orca’ machine which processes food waste into a liquid that be disposed of using the regular drainage system.


  • All electricity at The Kia Oval is generated from renewable energy.
  • Solar panels were installed on the roof of the new MAR Galadari stand at The Kia Oval.


  • There are five separate waste streams at The Kia Oval to reduce general waste that leaves the ground.
  • No waste from the venue goes to landfill.


  • Water saving devices were installed across the entire ground saving over 250,000 litres of water a year.

Other initiatives:

  • The shop at The Kia Oval uses recyclable paper bags.
  • Fans are encouraged to bring reusable coffee cups and water bottles into the ground, which will be filled by all vendors around the Kia Oval.
  • Plastic straws and sauce sachets have not been used at the ground since 2018.

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