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    The top diets for busy lives

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    Which is the best diet for you?

    Emerging from the holiday period and into the new year with a full stomach, a sore head a mix of regret and satisfaction, the urge to diet is never higher than in January but where do you turn? Do you cut out entire food groups, do you turn vegan, or do you just start eating on smaller plates to control your portions?

    With everyone promoting their own fitness and diet hacks this New Year, we’ve looked into the best diets for busy PAs and EAs, whether they’re behind the desk or on the move.


    The Team Leader
    For those taking control of groups of workers, managing projects, facing rapid deadlines and regularly finding themselves under pressure to deliver, you may want to consider the DASH Diet. DASH, or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, has been specifically designed as a way to reduce blood pressure, reduce stress levels and get you feeling more energised and healthy. Although you won’t lose drastic amounts of weight, taking on DASH should leave you feeling revitalised, and with recipes such as healthy shakes and chicken salads, you won’t spend too long on meal preparations.

    Med food

    The Business Traveller
    Regularly considered one of the best long-term diets, the Mediterranean Diet springs from studies into the longer lifespan of those in the med compared to countries like the US and UK. Significantly reducing your red meat and sugar intakes to opt for lower calorie alternatives like fish and wine, and choosing healthier fats from chesses and avocados instead of saturated fats, it’s an easier choice for workers on the move, as it doesn’t have the same lifestyle restrictions as other diets.


    The Freelancer
    If flexibility is your preferred route, the varied life of the Flexitarian Diet could be the key to your fresh start this year. With an emphasis on weight loss without affecting your health, the Flexitarian diet encourages you to embrace the vegetarian lifestyle without cutting out meat completely. Encouraging you to opt for meat alternatives where possible and putting the focus on healthy veg, the focus is put on home cooking and experimentation.


    The Fitness Addict
    If you’re the kind of person that hits the gym before work and goes for a run before they get home, you’re probably already on a nutrient-heavy diet, but for those looking to become more pro-active, the Biggest Loser Diet is fast becoming a popular weight loss option. The process is tougher to jump into than other diets on this list, but it’s a guaranteed weight-burner between calorie restrictions and increased physical activity. It’s ambitious but hey, this is the year dreams come true

    Will you be trying out any of these diets? Do you already swear by a diet? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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