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    PA Life Christmas Party Awards: Shortlist announced
    PA Life will reveal the five winners of these prestigious awards during the PA Life Christmas party at Toy Room on November 26.

    Managing stess in the workplace in the run up to Christmas
    With stress levels rising as we approach the festival period, Head of Coaching at Westfield Health, Mark Pinches and Euan Laurence, Employment Solicitor at Blacks Solicitors discuss how we can manage stress in the workplace.

    500g Azera by Design Rush Hour Tin - Nestlé Professional

    Escape your desk: Win £600 of travel vouchers plus a year’s supply of Nescafé Azera coffee
    Nestlé Professional understands the importance of taking a break from your desk. So, to celebrate the launch of the new NESCAFÉ® Azera by Design coffee, we are offering one lucky PA Life reader the opportunity to win a prize of £600 travel vouchers plus a year’s supply of NESCAFÉ® Azera coffee for your office.

    working at the weekend
    We spend too much time working at the weekend
    Do we spend too much time working at the weekend? According to recent research we do and it’s a bad habit us Brits need to stop. We all wish we had more time on our hands but using our own time to complete our work could be damaging, rather than helpful.

    Man on laptop at home drinking coffee at a desk
    What will the future of the office look like?
    With technology becoming more advanced every day, our working habits are changing at a rate unparalleled to any time in history previously. We are having to change and adapt to new surroundings and environments. So why would your office carry on looking the same? Even though no one can be sure what the office of the future will look like, we can already take a pretty educated guess.

    Don’t let workplace bullies control your life

    It really can be a difficult problem for HR to separate what one person considers banter and another sees as bullying. In the modern workplace, the lines aren’t as black and white as they once were. With many people seeing the problem layered in context rather than being nasty on purpose. However, bullying can ruin people’s lives, making it even harder to get out of bed and go to work in the morning. But what can you do if you feel like you are being bullied at work?

    Top trends to transform how we learn in the workplace
    Most of us think that learning stops once we’ve left school but most people learn more whilst at work than they ever did in formal education. However, it is important to keep learning, to actively keep advancing your skills so that you become a more valuable employee.

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