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      PA Life Christmas Party Awards – The Winners
      The evening covered five different categories: Networker of the Year, Social Media Supporter of the Year, Most Loyal Club Member, Outstanding Achievement and PA of the Year.

      Freelance Work
      Freelance work fad or future?
      Freelancers continue to represent an increasingly significant proportion of the workforce, people are increasingly seeing this way of working as a career choice, not just a short-term, convenient option.

      second language
      Why speaking a second language will be important for future PAs
      Speaking a second language is a skill that many of us know we should learn but very rarely do.

      New house farm
      PA Life Club: Head to the New House Farm for 2019
      Set in 12 acres of the Rother Valley, East Sussex, sits the Lodges at New House Farm – an idyllic escape that is just an hour away outside of London.

      Christmas Present boss
      Rules for buying a Christmas present for your boss
      It’s the season for giving, and although according to business etiquette it’s not required for employees to buy their boss a Christmas present, sometimes a little gift can go a long way.

      Future of the EA role
      What is the future of the EA role?
      what is the future of the EA role, with the advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence? Vincenzo Ferrara reviews what was discussed.

      Christmas happiness
      Why the office Christmas party is key to employee happiness
      Best Parties Ever, in conjunction with Together LDN, has released some eye-opening facts detailing why the office Christmas party is more than just a well-earned opportunity to let your hair down.

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