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1. The funniest ‘out of office’ responses
It’s August, and statistically most UK holiday time is taken during this month. You’ll notice that it seems like every other email bounces back with an ‘out of office’ response.
OOO header

2. PA Life summit: Innovate don’t imitate
There are a lot of events in the industry for PAs and EAs, all claiming to offer an array of benefits, but nothing comes close to the PA Life Summit.
PA Life Summit logo

3. 9 types of plant milk you need in your office fridge
If you’d have mentioned ‘Plant Milk’ many years ago, people would have looked at you with a blank stare. Almost confused as to how you could milk a plant.

4. Over 8 in 10 employees admit observing presenteeism in the workplace
It’s become a lot more common for people to go to work whilst they are ill, taking a ‘sick day’ has become much less common. However, could those coming to work instead of taking a sick day actually harm your company more? Research by the instant group looks into just that.
girl at work feeling unwell - presenteeism

5. 5 minutes with: Kate Isaacson, EA at Power Solutions (UK) ltd
Kate Isaacson is fairly new to the world of being a PA/EA. Over just 22 months, she has gone from a complete beginner in the position to now being a well respected and highly regarded up-and-comer. Now the EA to MD at Power Solutions (UK) Ltd, she speaks to us about her experience so far.
Kate Isaacson - infront of company sign

6. How to motivate employees to step out of their comfort zone
Motivating employees to step out of their comfort zone can benefit you as much as them, we hear from Ruth Skelton, senior manager business support and accountancy and finance, Morgan McKinley about how you can best help your employees do this.
Pushing your limits, Can't Can

7. The best burgers you can get on national burger day 2018!
2018 has seen a lot of change in the world. But, one thing that has stayed the same is our love of a good burger. Here at PA Life we have been in search of the best burger in the UK.
Burgers on a side