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      TUTANKHAMUN: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

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      Having been to LA and seen by over 1 million people and presently a sell-out success in Paris, the Saatchi Gallery and London is bracing itself for Tutankhamun mania from November 2019.

      This video is a sneak preview of what all the fuss is about; 150 of the world’s greatest treasures together under one roof for 6 months. 50 of these artefacts, that travelled the Egyptian underworld with the Boy King’s mummified remains, have never been seen outside of Egypt before. 

      The exhibition provides an iconic backdrop for private morning breakfast tours and a select number of evening events (only two dates in November are still available) including sumptuous dinners and drinks receptions from three of London’s finest caterers.

      There is also the option to include speaker events, such as the great grandson of the 5th Earl Carnarvon who financed the discovery of the tomb, as well as an opportunity to uncover the cause of death of the Boy King through forensic teambuilding.

      When Tutankhamun visited London in 1972 over 1.7 million people queued to see the largest archaeological discovery of all time at the British Museum. The current world tour is braced to be equally successful. Tutankhamun, his story and his golden treasures have captured the imagination of the public since its discovery in 1922. This exhibition will be the last opportunity to see the treasures before they return home to be permanently housed in a new museum on the Giza plateau.

      Visit the website or contact for more information or to book.