• UK workers are suffering from ‘smartphone fatigue’

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    More and more UK workers are beginning to suffer from ‘smartphone fatigue’.

    In a survey commissioned by Thumbtel, creators of the Another Number and HulloMail apps, six out of ten 25 to 34-year-old full time workers revealed that they feel they are experiencing ‘smartphone fatigue’.

    This is created by the increasing demands of inbound calls, text messages, alerts, notifications and emails on their devices.

    “It’s clear that there’s an issue relating to the pressures of managing work and home calls from smartphones with four out of ten people (42 per cent) agreeing that they never fully switch off from work due to their smartphones,” says Andy Munarriz, CEO of Thumbtel.

    “What is clear is that people need to take control to better manage the way they handle work and personal calls.”

    Meanwhile, 63 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds cited that smartphones are the cause for creating a work/life imbalance, with just over half agreeing that they never fully switch off from work.

    56 per cent also revealed that they regularly receive work related calls that disrupt personal time, such as weekends and holidays.


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