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    What’s the worst thing about office work?

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    The average worker spends around two weeks each year, with research revealing the most complained about parts of working in the office. The study was carried out by animal charity SPANA to raise awareness for working animals in developing countries, and revealed that many modern workers across the UK are found to spend a large amount of time each year complaining about the battling with non-compliant technology.

    Slow computers, broken printers and missed emails were the source of irritation for many office workers, while uncomfortable temperatures and inconsistent air conditioning also reached the top 10. Travel was also revealed to be as a top bugbear for employees, who expressed their annoyance at the daily commute, as well as those who frequently show up late without any consequences.

    When it came to management, bosses that don’t understand their employees’ needs, feel the need to micromanage all of their workers’ actions and set unrealistic deadlines were ranked as the worst traits. Colleagues should also be aware of themselves, with personal space and hygiene rating strongly amongst co-workers. Those who speak loudly in the office, mess up your desk when you’re out of the office and not regularly showering were the biggest offenders.

    ”From pointless meetings to colleagues who use your favourite mug, these frustrations seem to be part and parcel of office life in Britain,” said Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive of international animal charity SPANA. “It can be hard to keep a sense of perspective at times, but we should remember that most of these irritations are trivial and very minor compared to the tough working lives endured by working animals in developing countries around the world.

    “These animals often doing back-breaking, dangerous work with little rest and no holidays or retirement at the end of it. That’s why they desperately need our support.”

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