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    How important is pay in your perfect job?

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    Experts have revealed the best British job position, which should offer perks such as flexible working hours and a generous salary. In a study by OnePoll.com, Brits were asked to describe their dream job and all the benefits that come with it; and while pay and personalities were highly ranked, the most important factor didn’t involve the office at all.

    Bosses need to learn the value of family and friends to their staff, say British workers as the highest priority for employees nationwide is to maintain a good work-life balance. Encouraged through perks like flexible hours and the ability to work from home are top priorities. Taking averages into account, the best job would have six-hour days, four-day weeks, offer 32 holiday days a year and offer a salary of £61,000.

    Giving their employees a chance to unwind is a major pull in a job, with workers believing the dream job would offer discounts or access to a work gym/sports club. Relaxing outside of the office with management would also be preferable, getting to see a side to their superiors other than keeping things strictly businesses was considered ideal as Brits revealed all they really want is a personable boss who’d be up for a pint at the end of the day.

    “The research indicates that most of us have fairly modest expectations when it comes to finding our perfect role,” explained Mark Rhodes, Marketing Director for recruitment specialists at Reed. “Work-life balance means something different to each of us, for some it may be combining hard work and dedication to the job with the pursuit of personal interests and hobbies outside of work, whilst for others it might be the fulfilment of childcare and family responsibilities.”

    Letting workers keep in touch with their personal lives proved particularly popular with the Millennial view of the perfect workplace, and bosses need to learn to address the simple changes to offices and policies that could lead to big differences in productivity.

    “Our research shows that work-life balance is also an important factor for millennials. They’ve grown up with technology that gives them access to information and allows them to be productive anywhere, and it’s shaped their view of work,” continued Rhodes.

    “Reviewing the dress code and offering simple perks, like free tea and coffee and daily fruit, don’t cost the earth, but they do help staff feel valued and can make a business a more attractive proposition for prospective employees.”

    What are your top priorities in the workplace? Are flexible hours key? Or maybe something a little more fun? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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