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Why you should only work for 52 minutes at a time

Research shows employees want to work more hours

The eight-hour working day has long been viewed as the ideal amount of time for people to complete their duties. But new research suggests people should only focus on a task for 52 minutes at a time, followed by 17 minutes of rest.

Researchers believe the 52-17 ratio is the best way to deal with the modern working world and its multitude of distractions, according to a study by Latvian social networking firm Draugiem Group.

The researchers used a computer application to track how much time people spent on tasks, as well as their productivity levels. Interestingly, the study showed that the length of the working day doesn’t matter; it’s how people structure their time.

Those who worked intensely for short periods of time and took frequent breaks were significantly more productive than those who worked longer hours with fewer breaks. The 52-17 ratio was proven to be 100% effective in helping participants avoid distractions.

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