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      Hands-on: ‘Handshake’ SRM mouse review

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      PA Life’s Toby Cruse get’s his hands on the latest ‘handshake’ ergonomic mouse by Dutch designer BakkerElkhuizen This isn’t the first time our readers have taken an interest in BakkerElkhuizen’s unique, ergonomic office designs, but after the popularity of our recent story covering their latest vertical mouse, built to reduce repetitive strain and wrist injury, […]

      App of the week: Fabulous – Motivate me

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      Welcome to 2018! Leaving behind the old year and propelling ourselves confidently into the new can be a daunting feeling but with a little bit of hard work and self-determination, this could be the year that your dreams come true. Declared one of Google’s top apps as well as Apple’s recent App of the Day, […]

      The top diets for busy lives

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      Which is the best diet for you? Emerging from the holiday period and into the new year with a full stomach, a sore head a mix of regret and satisfaction, the urge to diet is never higher than in January but where do you turn? Do you cut out entire food groups, do you turn […]

      How much of your life do you track?

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      From fitness to finance, technology is tracking more and more aspects of our lives, with the younger generation expected to use their devices to keep an eye on everything from their diets to their sleep patterns, but how much of your life do you record? With pedometers, heart rate monitors and calorie counting apps and […]

      PA Life: Mental health in the workplace

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      Mental health is a growing concern for businesses. This year, everyone from employees to recruitment to bosses and even the Government have taken notice of the impact mental health can have on a workplace. PA Life readers have revealed that, despite more and more companies embracing and valuing mental health, 44% still don’t feel comfortable […]

      November declared the month of bad habits

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      November is the month where most Brits will end up slipping back into their old ways, and not always for the better according to new research. A study by Electric Tobacconist has revealed that the month before Christmas, and the stress it brings, sees a large number of us turning to bad habits to make […]

      Are you getting enough sunlight?

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      British workers are being told to step out in the sunlight as reports reveal that shorter days and longer office hours are affecting our vitamin D intake. The study, by Healthspan, showed that many are spending just an hour in the sun every day as the winter draws in. The average working Brit is taking in […]

      5 ways to boost your body confidence – Live from the London PA Summit

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      Nobody feels confident all the time, millions of Brits struggle with the way they look every day, but why do we do it? Talking at the London PA Summit, life coach and hypnotherapist Caroline Wellingham from Raise the Bar wants people to embrace their bodies and work on their own positivity. Be your best friend […]

      Leaked Tory dossier alleges staff misconduct

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      A leaked political document being described as Parliament’s ‘dirty dossier’ has published several allegations against leading Conservative party members, including inappropriate behaviour with their PA. The news, broken by the Mail Online, has named a number of Members of Parliament and former Cabinet Ministers, accusing them of acting inappropriately with women and other staff members. […]

      Are you prepared for Veganuary?

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      Catering companies are bracing themselves for 2018’s Veganuary, a movement encouraging people to cut out meat and animal products. This year saw 60,000 people go vegan for the month of January, up 260% from 2016, with popularity expected to surge even more this year. Flexible workplace and venue food company, Grazing Catering is introducing more than 100 […]