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      How much do you know about your body?

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      When it comes to our health we think we know what’s what, don’t we? A one size fits all approach. If we have a headache we take paracetamol or drink more water, if we cut open our finger, its patched up with a plaster and anything else it’s down to the doctors or A&E if […]

      Are businesses serious enough about mental illness?

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      Businesses not taking mental illness seriously enough are being urged to reassess the value of their employees as part of this year’s World Mental Health Day. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has launched an advice pack for businesses looking to revise their policies on mental health, which can not only affect company health and wellbeing, […]

      Is man flu just the common cold?

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      Are men more affected by flu, or do they just overreact compared to women? The man flu debate is as old as time itself and although recent reports implied that man flu is a myth and women take more time off for illness than men, medical professionals suspect there are still plenty of overdramatic male […]

      10 worst things to hear when you’re ill at work

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      Sometimes we get ill, it happens to the best of us. The worst flu season on record is upon us, so there’s quite a strong chance that you or someone you work with is going to end up bringing illness into the office. Although you should be at home resting, sometimes deadlines and responsibilities get […]

      How unhealthy is your office?

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      We all know that an unhealthy lifestyle is bad for our health, both mentally and physically. But can it harm our productivity at work? We all take great care to eat healthy and exercise regularly at home, with various diets and training regimes, along with the somewhat elusive gym membership. But according to new research […]

      Are we happy enough? Here’s a step-by-step guide to feeling happier

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      The average Brit give himself just 6.37 out of 10 on a happiness scale, with just one in ten rating their life satisfaction at nine or above, according to a recent study. When asked to rate their life satisfaction on a scale from one to ten the average Brit gave themselves a middling 6.37 out […]

      Call for HR support as government urged to invest in small businesses

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      The CIPD is calling on Government to invest £13m a year to provide HR support to small businesses, as new research shows that it could be a key part of efforts to unlock the UK’s productivity puzzle. The call is based on the evaluation of year-long ‘People Skills’ pilots providing HR support for SMEs in […]

      Businesses brace themselves for the worst flu season on record

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      British businesses are taking the cold very seriously as firms have seen a 353% rise over the past five years, according to Bupa. The health insurance company has revealed that more and more bosses are providing their employees with flu jab vouchers as part of their corporate health and benefits packages to boost productivity, reduce […]

      How to understand pensions and prepare for the future

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      Pensions Awareness Day is approaching, and experts at Sanlam UK have come up with a handy guide for cutting through pension jargon and teach workers how to future-proof themselves. Given that working women are still found to be regularly retiring into poverty, the pension specialists are hoping they can enlighten the public in the specifics […]

      Britain marked ‘sick man of Europe’ as Brits are working too hard

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      British life expectancy is trailing behind the rest of Europe, with the gap only expected to get wider according to expert statements. Writing in The Times, public health specialist Sir Michael Marmot is warning that action needs to be taken to ensure the health of Brits as he declared the UK the ‘sick man and […]