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20 best companies for work-life balance named

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Work-life balance is a key issue for employees, with many saying they’re willing to leave a job in search of a better balance. If you’re looking for a new role that allows you to focus on yourself, Glassdoor has done some research to name the 20 companies that offer the best work-life balance. London-based financial […]

How you can and can’t stretch the truth on your CV

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Sometimes it’s necessary to stretch the truth slightly to get noticed by potential employers. There’s a lot to keep in mind when writing your CV, including key words that grab the attention of recruiters. If you’re unsure what you can and cannot “fudge” on your CV, here are some great tips from Forbes. Five things […]

4 tips to help you find a job you love

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If you’re unhappy in your current role for whatever reason and you’ve tried everything to fix the situation, perhaps it’s time to move on. To help you pick your dream job, the team at Webrecruit has put together four tips to find a job you love. 1 Find what motivates you What makes you want […]

7 things that can make your CV stand out

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Getting your foot in the door with a potential employer starts with your CV. Recruiters receive so many applications that it’s key to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Luckily, Glassdoor has put together seven ways to do just that. 1 Tailor your CV This doesn’t mean you have to rewrite your entire […]

UK HR directors open to hiring boomerang employees

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New research from leading recruitment specialist Robert Half UK reveals that organisations in the UK are more open to hiring boomerang employees – those returning to a former employer. Companies are becoming increasingly receptive to the idea of rehiring former workers, with 83% of HR executives reporting they are more accepting of boomerang employees than […]

5 things to consider before accepting a job offer

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We’ve covered how to write a stellar CV and how to shine at a job interview; now you’ve landed a job offer. What factors should you take into consideration in the negotiation process? Here are five important things to think about before accepting a job offer. 1 Pay and benefits Do some research to make […]

Shane Warne says he’s looking for a PA

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PAs looking for a job should check out the Twitter feed of Shane Warne, as the cricketer has taken to social media to say it’s hard to find good help. The sports icon took to Twitter to say: “Looking for a new EA/PA! Not easy to find a good one,” followed by sad and angry […]

Job growth remains strong despite Brexit fears

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Up-to-the-minute data from the UK’s largest job site,, reveals that job opportunities across the country are up 8.2% on the same time last year. However, the monthly index fell by three points (1%) compared to June. Overall, the Reed Job Index for July stands at 289. The latest figures show that more than two-thirds […]

PA Life Training Day panel discussion: Taking the next step in your career

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PA Life Editor Amelia Walker hosted an informative panel discussion at the last PA Life Training Day to find out how PAs can prepare to take the next step in their career. Participants gave some excellent tips and talked about their experience to help attendees in their job search. The panel included both established PAs […]

Fully defined job descriptions are outdated, says management expert

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For successful innovation, hire high-performing people with minimal job descriptions and let them adapt their own roles, research from the UCL School of Management suggests. Assistant Professor Vaughn Tan found that teams were more successful when employees were able to find and claim components of their roles that were useful, and drop components that were […]

5 qualities you must show when looking for a job

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It’s pretty much a given these days that the job market is flooded with highly skilled candidates. When you have so many people with the same skills and experience competing for the same job, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd; this is where demonstration of certain qualities is key. Recruitment site Glassdoor has […]

5 ways to close a cover letter

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Sometimes your cover letter is the only thing that gets read by potential employers, so it’s important to get it right. You want to describe your skills and how they can help the company without gloating. You also need to close it with a line that calls the recruiter to action. Glassdoor put together these […]

Secretarial professionals in demand to support businesses growth

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The latest Robert Walters UK Jobs Index has revealed that secretarial and support vacancies rose by 28% in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year. Boutique firms fuel hiring in financial services While larger banks have been conservative in their hiring, boutique and medium-sized investment banks and investment management houses […]

3 things that should make you happier at work but don’t

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Research shows that half the UK workforce will look for a new job in 2016, but the reason for searching might not always be the best reason for leaving an employer. Guardian Careers journalist Charlotte Seager points out some of the things people think will make them happier at work but actually won’t. 1 More […]

10 toughest interview questions

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So your CV has been picked out from the hundreds your prospective employer received. Now comes the hard part. Job site Glassdoor has searched through thousands of candidate testimonials over the last year to find the top 10 toughest interview questions. Topping out the list is retailer Topshop (no pun intended) with: “Which magic power […]

10 things to look for in a job search

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Whatever your reason for starting a job search, it’s important to be sure you know what you want out of your new role. Here, CEO and Founder of US-based Human Workplace Liz Ryan outlines 10 things to consider when looking at a role. Does the job description match your skills and strengths? Does it include […]