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    Five ways for employers to improve men’s health and wellbeing

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    This Men’s Health Awareness month, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing is raising awareness of the growing mental and physical health risks for men and offering businesses five ways to better support men’s health and wellbeing. Research from the UK charity Men’s Health Forum highlights that one man in five dies before he reaches 65 in the UK. 75% […]

    Why mental health is so important in the workplace

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    By Tiffany Victoria, Assistant Manager at ZEDRA… Mental health is a uniquely personal topic and can often be seen as something you only discuss with your closest family and friends. However, I think it is so important to dismantle the stigma around mental health in the workplace and encourage people to discuss their mental health […]

    Preparing for the Office Return: 5 Ways to Shift Your Habits, Mentality & Vices

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    From July 19th, the government dropped its formal advice for people to work from home where possible, now leaving it up to employers to decide when their staff should return to the office full-time or, whether they will offer the flexibility to remain working from home. We made big shifts in our daily lives when […]

    How to tell from a simple text if someone is struggling mentally

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    More than a year of various lockdowns and isolation has taken its toll on the nation, with figures from The Mental Health Foundation showing that feelings of loneliness rose to 26% in February this year. Over the past year the only source of connection with others for so many has been a phone call or text, but often this […]

    50% of UK adults would not be honest about time off work for mental health

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    Simone Biles’ withdrawal from the Olympic Games in order to look after her mental health has opened up discussions surrounding taking time away from work to manage mental wellbeing and whether people are able to be honest about this. Research carried out by not-for-profit healthcare provider Benenden Health found that only half (50%) of UK adults would […]

    An Olympian’s Guide to Workplace Health

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    By Jack Green, Double Olympian and Head of Performance at Champion Health… As the 2021 Olympics approach, it’s a timely opportunity to take a look at how workplace health is absolutely crucial to performance and wellbeing. I was very fortunate to be a professional athlete and represent Great Britain at two Olympic games. But during […]

    4 reasons to crank up the tunes while you’re working

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    Since the start of the pandemic, over 11.2 million jobs have been furloughed. Moreover, the proportion of people working from home more than doubled in 2020. However, retail and hospitality spaces have opened their doors once more while offices are buzzing again. But after months off or remote working, many employees may need help getting back into the […]

    Stress: 5 problems it causes & 5 ways to get it under control

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    With the effects of the pandemic and stressors surrounding Covid-19, stress-related absence is up 64% from 2019, and there has been a 39% increase in leave due to stress year on year. Short term stress can be good in small doses, as it can focus the mind, provide motivation and energise the body, which helps […]

    Almost a third of employed adults are unhappy in their current job

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    A study of 2,000 workers found 32 per cent don’t feel motivated in their career and 18 per cent are dissatisfied with their quality of life at work. Over the last 12 months, 64 per cent of the employees polled were based at home, resulting in 61 per cent of them working outside of their […]

    Employers should support staff over the festive period

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    The run up to Christmas, the day itself and the time afterwards can all be particularly stressful and extra support is often needed. GRiD, the group risk industry body is urging employers to encourage their staff to make use of their incumbent employee benefits over the festive period. Access to helplines for mental wellbeing, support […]