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The workplace initiatives that employees want next

Remote working is currently changing the working lives of millions and although it’s not a new concept – it turns out that many of employees would like it to continue.

A recent survey by Perkbox found that now just nine per cent of employees would like to work completely from the office in the future. Does this mean that we are ready for workplaces and working routines to change even further?

Research of 1,600 people, commissioned by Perkbox, has discovered that employees are calling for more initiatives to be introduced, including fully flexible working policies, pay transparency and gamification at work.

Initiative 1: Fully flexible working
In regards to fully flexible working, a huge 76% of employed people are in favour of the concept, which calls to bring the end to days where employees are contracted to work “nine to five”. Instead, where applicable, employees would be allowed to work the hours they please, focusing instead on targets and objectives reached.

Despite agreements, the results revealed that employees could see both positives and negatives to the policy. A huge 85% believe that fully flexible working could improve employees’ work-life balance, while more than half (53%) believe that fully flexible working could make employees feel more engaged and productive. Half also feel that it could allow employees to feel more in control of their own workloads.

But opinions aren’t all positive, 43% feel that fully flexible working could lead to some doing more work than others and companies feeling like less of a team (37%). Furthermore, over a third believe the policy could make it harder to make and maintain friendships in the company.

Initiative 2: Pay transparency
Another highly discussed, but often controversial concept is the idea of pay transparency. Despite any controversies, employees are highly in favour. A huge 61% think that partial pay transparency is a good idea, while almost 1 in 5 (18%) agree with the concept of full pay transparency.

Pay transparency is often seen as a vehicle to drive gender pay equality, but Perkbox’s findings show that men and women are in agreement. 80% of women believe that full or partial pay transparency is a good idea, with 79% of men in agreement. In fact, slightly more men are in favour of full pay transparency (19%) compared to women (17%).

The eagerness for this initiative becomes clear when employees are asked for drivers of productivity and motivation. A huge 70% stated that ‘pay’ is, in fact, their biggest driver, thus revealing salaries of those within the company may in fact lead to more productive workforces.

Initiative 3: Gamification of work
Within drivers of productivity and motivation, ‘clear targets and goals’ were also deemed as highly motivating.

‘Gamification’ is an initiative which utilises this driver in the workplace. A leaderboard, points or scores may be used to show each team member’s performance. The winner – based on performance or results, may be offered points, rewards or prizes (but it doesn’t normally affect pay). Over half of employees (56%) believe that this would help to boost their motivation and energy, while more than 50% also believe that it could help to recognise people for their achievements.

Does this mean it’s time for these initiatives to be introduced into more workplaces? We’ll be watching this space…

(N.B. this study was conducted in February 2020, pre-coronavirus outbreak and lockdown)