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      On the surface, yes some would say that a chauffeur is just a posh way of saying driver, however, that’s not exactly true. Yes ok, a driver and a chauffeur both get you to where you need to be, but the difference between the two is more than a matter of vocabulary, it’s a matter of service and how that service is delivered. Limo Plus writes…

      Drivers and chauffeurs are NOT the same, in fact, they are very different and anyone looking for a reliable, safe and personalised service from point A to point B and possible X, Y, Z and everything in between, are sure to notice the difference.

      So, what does separate a driver from a chauffeur? Let’s look first at the driver:

      Well, anyone can be a driver. A driver is simply someone who operates a vehicle. Someone who gets behind the wheel of a car and drives. For example: consider a taxi service like Uber, who allows just about anyone to become a driver. The guideline is short and minimal.

      You must hold a driving licence and have insurance. You must be 21 years of age or over. You must own and operate any four-door vehicle no older than 15 years old. A driver needs no experience, there is no interview, no driving test or knowledge test, no dress code and no actual visual inspection of the vehicle or the driver.

      A driver’s focus is purely to get from one destination to another as quickly as possible and very little more. A driver’s only real interest is in getting as many fares as possible leaving very little time or money for maintaining their car, or themselves to an acceptable standard.

      Now lets look at a chauffeur. In fact, let’s look at a Limo Plus Chauffeur.

      Must have at least 5 years chauffeuring experience. Minimum age 30 years. Must have great communication skills. There is an interview. There is a knowledge test and a driving test.

      A Limo Plus chauffeur drives the safest, newest most comfortable reliable luxury vehicles in our industry and, as the elegant title suggests, a chauffeur is more than just a guy behind the wheel. He is a consummate professional. A chauffeur is accountable for their actions and as a result work to a higher standard with safety, comfort and privacy as top priority.

      A Limo Plus chauffeur has a professional operations team supporting them and the client every step of the way. Making sure everything is in order before allocating the correct chauffeur with the correct vehicle for the hire.
      A chauffeur receives their assignments ahead of time which gives them the opportunity to inspect their vehicle and plan ahead to avoid unwanted surprises.

      A chauffeur takes pride in their self and their vehicle and carry their self with dignity and discretion at all times. A chauffeur is uniformed and the vehicle clean and tidy, stocked with water, most popular mobile phone charger, tissues, onboard Wi-Fi and any other amenities you may want personally.

      A Limo Plus chauffeur is there to serve you and to give you and your travel organiser peace of mind. So, when you’re choosing between a driver and a chauffeur, you need to ask yourself this one question, “Do I just want to get somewhere, or do I want to get somewhere in a safe secure comfortable environment?”

      Limo Plus is a PA Life recommended supplier. If you’d like to work with PA Life and benefit from various levels of exposure across the PA Life website, then contact Charlotte Russellon 01992 374080.