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      5 minutes with… BBC’s The Apprentice winner James White

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      James White, The Apprentice winner 2018, has launched a new specialist property and construction division to his existing company, Right Time Recruitment. Here, he reveals why the recruitment firm is seeking to get more PAs on its books, as well as some top tips if you’re looking to apply for the hit show.

      How has the launch for the new arm of your business gone?
      Overall it has all gone very well and we are really satisfied with the results so far. The whole team is very excited for what’s to come and to see how the ongoing projects turn out.

      What advice would you give others looking to launch their own business?
      My advice would be to make sure you do your research into the market area and make sure you know the area of business that you’re looking to start out in. Try and familiarise yourself as much as possible with other competitors in the same sector that you’re thinking about beginning a business in.

      How should they go about launching it?
      If you’re looking to start in a new area where you have no knowledge or experience I would advise that the best thing is to go out and get some experience in the line of work as you need to know the ins and outs. Even with all the help and exposure I’ve had from the show, Lord Sugar and the team, building a new business is still very challenging and I am still learning a lot of new things every day!

      How can Right Time Recruitment be helpful or beneficial to the PA market?
      Right Time Recruitment specialises in a mixture of recruitment. We’re a ‘relationship’ agency; we want to build good relationships and go out to meet with people face-to-face as often as possible. Right Time Recruitment would be suitable to the PA market since PAs are needed in all different types of sectors and all kinds of skillsets are needed. 

      “In today’s world, communication is occurring online more than ever before. It is essential that employees know the ins and outs of using different online tools.”

      Do you see a potential to expand into the industry?
      We see great potential to expand into the PA industry and are always keen to get PAs on our books! Currently, our plans are to carry on the new development; we’ve just started a graduate scheme and the trainees are in the business now, so we are currently training them to our standards.

      Understanding digital technology has become a must for many employees. Why do you think this trend has continued to grow?
      In today’s world, communication is occurring online more than ever before. Whether that be through the likes of social, email or a skype call. It is essential that employees know the ins and outs of using different online tools, to ensure that they are communicating to as many people as possible and getting their ideas out there. Knowing how to work on different digital applications and products is integral for the future workplace.

      How can this be applied to the PA market?
      One of the most important parts of being a good PA is being super organised and making sure you are on top of things at all times. PAs should be able to adapt this skill to being on top of the digital aspects of a business such as making sure that social media accounts are always maintained and kept on top of.

      What advice would you give PAs looking to apply for The Apprentice?
      Don’t try and pre-plan your journey during The Apprentice and take things as they come. I don’t think you can properly plan for the process, when you turn up it’s a lot different to what you expect. You’re there with 18 massive characters and you don’t really know what the task it going to be.

      Try and stick to your guns as much as possible and stick to what your game plan is. Prepare yourself from being away from family and friends for a couple of months and not having much time to be in contact with them. I found this the hardest part of the process so be prepared.

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