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    With a variety of villas across a number of locations including South America, Thailand and the Seychelles, My Private Villas can offer corporate guests an experience they will never forget. Since being confirmed as a headline sponsor of the PA Life Club, Jade Burke chats to Paolo Macchiaroli, CEO and founder of the firm, to find out how the rental process works and why clients always fall in love with the villas.

    Can you tell me a bit about My Private Villas and how the company works?
    My Private Villas was founded in March 2012 as an exclusive collection of the highest quality luxury villas. We have an extensive portfolio of properties including not only villas but also castles, chalets and private islands, available directly from their owners. It is our close relationship to property owners that allows us to offer the best prices on the market and an extremely diverse range of services, ensuring that we both meet and exceed the expectations of our most discerning customers.

    What locations are your villas based in?
    We can offer properties throughout many European locations and also have a vast portfolio of Villas in the Caribbean and South America, Thailand, Indonesia and the Seychelles, with luxurious Safari lodges in Africa, and luxury chalets in the Italian, French and Swiss Alps. Our properties are found almost all over the world.


    Where are some of the more popular villas located?
    Our most popular destinations are in Europe, especially in Italy (Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Lake Como), France, Greece, Spain, Balearic Island, and chalets in Switzerland and France for the ski season.

    Users of My Private Villas can rent directly from owners. How does the rental process work?
    We are approached either via phone or email by clients looking for a special property for a holiday, a wedding or a family reunion. On the basis of the info we receive from the clients we try to understand what type of property and experience they are looking for, in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Once we have their criteria, we select the villas most likely to fit the client’s taste and contact the owners of the properties in our portfolio to check that the villas we have in mind for our clients are available and what is the absolute best deal we can offer on it.

    Why should PAs consider using your services? What can you offer them?
    First of all, we can guarantee the best possible price on all of the properties we offer. Our close relationships with the owners and the absolute transparency of our operations ensure that we can’t be beaten on price, and all the costs are defined very clearly. Also, we are really keen in assisting PAs with this part of their job by doing the research for them. Furthermore, we have a 24/7 concierge service that can arrange literally any activity or experience the client may desire.

    “What distinguishes us from any other villa rental agency is the relationship we have with the owners.”

    Our connections with the owners and villa managers, who have perfect knowledge of the villa’s territory, allows us to really go beyond the extra mile. One example of this is when we were able to reserve a table in El Celler de Gran Roca, one of the best restaurants in the world. The restaurant was fully booked for months, but thanks to our contacts, we managed to book a table for 16 people within 48 hours. It is this kind of extra service that makes us proud of what we do and how we do it, and that guarantees that we can satisfy any request.

    What makes My Private Villas stand out from other rental services out there?
    What distinguishes us from any other villa rental agency is the relationship we have with the owners. Being in direct contact with them and offering them extra visibility and marketing activities, we are able to get discounts, tailor-made and/or complimentary services, and offer them to our clients. This immediately highlights that we are not a typical villa rental agency, but that we provide the quality and service and care that are rarely found in this industry.

    My private villas


    You recently joined as the headline sponsor for the PA Life Club – why are you looking forward to working with the Club and its members?
    PAs have a unique and deep insight into the lives of their bosses and are often the best source of information regarding their tastes, specifications and expectations. This makes our job more effective; the more we can understand our clients, the more we can match them with the perfect property. It is a sort of matchmaking business, and plenty of times our clients ‘fall in love’ with our villas! For busy, hardworking people, their holiday time is extremely precious and we are really passionate in ensuring they have the best possible time.

    Will there be any exclusive offers for Club members to take advantage of from you?
    We often run special offers for our properties and we will be happy to give Club members a heads up when that happens.

    What does 2019 have in store for My Private Villas?
    We plan on continuing what we do best – offering our clients fantastic villas for their dream holidays.


    If you’re a PA or EA and would like to gain access to the exclusive offers from My Private Villas, join the PA Life Club now by contacting Freddi Jackson

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