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5 ways to boost productivity with your office environment

Ways to boost productivity with your office environment

Research shows that the right office environment can inspire people and motivate them to work harder and smarter. Business news site AllTopStartUps recently worked with Belle Skylights to produce a list of the top five ways to boost staff productivity by making a few simple changes at the office.

1 Natural light
Vitamin D deficiency is a huge problem in the UK, with millions affected. One side-effect is decreased mental clarity, which obviously hits productivity hard. One of the only natural sources of vitamin D is sunlight, so ensuring there’s plenty of it coming through windows or skylights is a great way to boost the mood at the office.

2 Ergonomics
Research earlier this year showed 31% of people in the UK have missed work due to back or neck pain caused by sitting at a desk all day. Companies can prevent this productivity drain by offering ergonomic chairs, variable height desks, and keyboard and computer mice that prevent repetitive stress injuries.

3 Break time
Previous App of the Week 30/30 is based on the idea of focusing on one task for 30 minutes at a time with a short break between each session. Managers should encourage employees to take quick breaks now and then, even if it’s just a few minutes here and there to look away from their screen and stretch.

4 Get creative
An office doesn’t have to be a boring cube with white walls and no character. Add some colourful touches throughout the space with live green plants – which are proven to make the environment healthier and reduce a variety of illnesses – or a few well-placed pieces of art.

5 Individuality
Lastly, AllToStartUps’ Thomas Oppong recommends embracing your employees’ unique talents and passions by allowing them to get creative with projects.

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