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    Top tips for organising a virtual event

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    By Nicky Brown, Director, Arctic Fox Events

    Are you considering hosting a virtual event, but not sure where to start?

    Nicky Brown, Director at Arctic Fox Events, a full-service event management company, shares her top tips…

    The world of virtual events can seem daunting, but there are so many great possibilities at your fingertips.

    Arctic Fox’s 10 top tips on how to organise a virtual event are:

    1. Ask yourself why you are hosting the event

    Who is it for and what do you want to achieve from hosting it? By setting clear objectives this will help you to determine the format, length and layout of the event itself.

    2. Look at how you can get your attendees to interact

    Whether it is pre, post or during the event, do you use Q&As, polls, social media, or a post-event virtual photo booth? Look at how you can create a virtual community around the event that will encourage interaction.

    3. What can be done in advance?

    Can you pre-record sessions or supplier content? If in doubt do it before. This is crucial for rehearsals too. Plan in the prep time to rehearse and make sure you have contingency plans in place in case of technical issues.

    4. Do your research!

    Every virtual event technology platform is different, so you need to explore your options to find the one best suited to your event and its objectives.

    5. Give the event personality

    Focus on the user experience and don’t lose the event’s personality just because it’s virtual. Add to the experience to keep the human element.

    6. Think about add-ons to enhance the event experience

    Whether that’s food delivery, goodie bags for attendees or post-event entertainment.

    7. Collaborate

    Discuss plans with others who have recently hosted or are hosting in the industry, or discuss your ideas with production and AV experts. How can they help turn your vision to reality?

    8. Keep your content diverse to drive audience engagement

    Maximise on the virtual element of your event and book that speaker that you couldn’t usually because they are in a different time zone, and then pre-record their session.

    9. Zone in on your timing

    What is the right time to host this event and the optimal duration? Plan for comfort and refreshment breaks as well as energiser sessions, just as you would at a live event and make these appropriate to the type of event.

    10. Learn from those who are organising virtual events daily

    Explore how they can support you and your virtual event plans.

    Nicky Brown is Director Arctic Fox Events and can be contacted at info@arcticfoxevents.co.uk.


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