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Doing Your Part for Corporate Health and Wellbeing

By Dawn Eaton, Assistant to Abby Summerville, Global Amenities Direct

Corporate wellness”: this term refers to programs, policies, benefits, and environmental support designed to ramp up the health and safety of all employees.

Let’s cut to the chase, now more than ever we need to be looking after our members of staff.

Whilst we appreciate that an awful lot of employers do a massive amount during the last year, a lot of companies have had to learn much better how to look after their staff – remotely whilst under enormous pressure regarding a breadth of change as never before experienced across many markets.

Scentered, our mindful, wellbeing mental health support aromatherapy brand has served as a wellness daily ritual brand that helps individuals through their transitions during the day, rest to work, work to play and sometimes simply to get through coping stages brought about by life’s daily turmoil. We understand that for staff, team members and customers alike, those that have been asked to work from home, or have been furloughed, time is of the essence. (Miser of too much work creating stress is equally comparative to not being asked to work and spending time worrying about what the future may hold.) Time is the one commodity some do not seem to have enough of these days, others are exhausted by the relentless pace and fatigue from full diaries and endless zoom calls.

We are convinced that giving the gift of wellbeing care, if only for a few minutes will mean the world and make a world of difference. We are hoping you will encourage your teams to take a break, not just assume they are taking care of themselves.

Many companies look after the physical, food or snack boxes, beauty or spa care, champagne, and chocolates. But, what about the mental health of our people? By giving a genuinely therapeutic mindful balm or a therapy candle, we can apply directly and surround ourselves in the restorative elements found within any of our given fragrances.

Life is different these days, the pressures of working from home with little interaction, home schooling and all the other demands of day-to-day life, we need all the help we can get. Whether help is needed with sleep, a few moments to de stress, focus for that extra difficult work task or the dreaded kids’ mathematics lesson, or simply needing to feel the love or to be happy.  We have a fragrance that will help by helping to alter your mindset by taking a few moments to STOP INHALE RESET.

Scentered have product concepts to suit every budget, gifting for kindness, congratulations or simply to stay in touch programmes for every budget and compared to costs for other packages, versus the benefits, we believe this may be the soundest multi-use and high perceived value investment in your staff wellbeing you may make this year.

Please STOP INHALE RESET your approach to support products for wellness at work with Scentered.

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