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    How To: Make your home office perfect

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    For most of us, working from home is now the new normal for the foreseeable future. Furniture Choice’s Rebecca Snowden reveals how to create a productive work space…

    1. Keep it green 

    Research shows that greenery is key when it comes to concentration, boosting mood and creating a more calm working environment. In fact, The American Psychological Association found that workers in spaces with plants showed around 15 per cent higher productivity than those without. So it’s definitely a good idea to incorporate plants and greenery into your home office.

    2. Let the light in 

    Poor lighting can make you feel tired, strain your eyes and give you a headache, all of which can take away focus and motivation. A study also found a direct positive correlation between daylight and productivity, revealing that natural light improves alertness. 

    This means that a well-lit room is crucial for a good home office space, so we’d advise setting up your desk near a window and staying away from harsh, electric lights. If this isn’t possible, daylight or SAD lamps that simulate natural light would also help.

    3. Use bright colours 

    The colour of your room can drastically affect your mood and wellbeing. In fact, colour psychologists have confirmed that the colour of a room affects your behaviour, mood and concentration. Both blue and green have been said to encourage productivity, making these hues a popular choice for offices. Yellow has been shown to increase mood, positivity and happiness, making it a perfect hue for home working, especially during the current uncertainty. 

    4. Experiment with scents 

    Need an extra pick me up? Then try experimenting with some different scents in your home office. Many studies have shown that odours impact our mood, creativity and problem-solving skills, and one Japanese study found that diffusing lemon oil through an office increased worker’s performance by 54 per cent. Be careful not to create an overpowering smell though and avoid artificial perfumes. We’d advise sticking with natural scents like lavender and essential oils instead, such as:

    • Pine – for alertness

    • Cinnamon – for focus

    • Lavender – to relax

    • Peppermint – to lift your mood

    • Citrus (any) – for wakefulness

    5. Keep it cool 

    Research has shown that productivity can dramatically suffer if the temperature of your working environment isn’t right for you. 

    According to one review from the OSTI, the ideal temperature is between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius, with concentration levels dropping by two per cent for every degree over 25C. To avoid a dip in concentration, make sure temperature levels stay constant. 

    Bringing in a breeze, whether that’s via an open window or a small desk fan, can freshen up your workspace while reducing temperatures, helping to keep you comfortable and productive while working from home.

    Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

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