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    Making it personal: How to source corporate gifts

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    Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to show their appreciation to staff, clients and suppliers. Whether that’s at Christmas, times of personal or professional celebration, or simply acknowledging of a job well done; recognition is key.

    But now in a world full of emails, phone calls and social media, employers are looking for a more personalised approach to show genuine appreciation to their staff and stakeholders. Here, former HR advisor and founder of BuildMyGift.com, Ras Deol, gives her top tips for making maximum corporate gifting impact.

    Consider the audience
    When it comes to corporate gifting it isn’t one size fits all. What may be suitable for some sections of your workforce, may not be right for others, and in some cases a generic gift can be more damaging than positive. People want to know that their individual efforts are appreciated and the key to this is personalisation. A gift that is tailored to their likes, hobbies, interests or tastes will show that they’re a valued member of the workforce.

    Consider the occasion
    There are the obvious occasions where employers will want to reward their team such as Christmas, birthdays and after periods of success. But don’t forget about the other occasions that may be important to your workforce. If you have a multi-cultural team or suppliers/customers consider their religious events such as Eid and Diwali, a gift during their times of celebration will mean more than just giving them a Christmas gift.

    Consider the objective
    Ask yourself why are we giving these gifts? Is it to say thank you? Is it to recognise hard work? Is it to position ourselves as a supportive employer? Is it to build relationships with a new supplier? Is it to get your workforce to be brand advocates by shouting about the rewards on social media? All of the above are perfectly valid reasons, but they all require a slightly different approach. Make sure that the gift matches the purpose.

    Consider the impact
    Research from McKinsey and Company has suggested that non-financial rewards can have a greater effect on employee engagement. So when considering how to reward staff, think beyond bonuses and consider gifting. Yes it may take more time, but the impact on the workforce could be extremely beneficial.

    Consider the timings
    Don’t let corporate gifting be an afterthought. To provide something that will make the desired impact you will need to plan ahead to make sure your gifting suppliers can hit your deadline – especially if it is personalised. If the gift is for a job well-done then you need to make sure it reaches them quickly, so their contribution is instantly recognised.


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