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Six simple health tips for working professionals

By Lisa, Senior Content Specialist

Working professionals undergo immense stress.

Tight work schedules and the mounting deadlines push them to the verge of mental tensions and fatigue. Often, working professionals mention that they do not have time for exercise or take care of their health.

Amidst hectic schedules, working people may not devote time to quality sleep or spend time with family. They also tend to skip meals and load their tummies with junk food and caffeine. Such habits create problems both for mental and physical health.

That said, stress management and leading a healthy life need not be a costly affair. With simple to follow health tips, working professionals can stay healthy.

Here are six simple health tips for working professionals that are easy to implement…

1. Opt for De stressing Techniques

Stress can cause havoc on your system. With some simple changes in your lifestyle, you can have some control:

  • Practice meditation. Be it for 5-minutes or half an hour, regular practice of meditation is the key to bring down stress.
  • Spend more time closer to nature. Do gardening and get mud onto your hands. Spend time with pets. Instead of running on a treadmill, go for a walk in the fresh air outside when possible.
  • Get quality sleep for 7-8 hours. Sleep regulates stress hormones and brings back the body to its intended functionality. Studies say quality sleep is the key to maintaining good health for humans.
  • Shift to healthy snacking that helps to add nutrition besides bringing down stress levels. Keep all your favorite CBD edibles handy at your desk. Health experts suggest that CBD usage in various forms, including edibles, oils, and capsules, can help alleviate stress.
2. Focus on Nutrition

Skipping meals can cause cravings for food rich in fat and carbohydrates. Thus, we end up loading calories through fat-laden snacks like burgers, chips, sweets and pizzas.

To avoid this, take meals on time. Include foods from the full-color spectrum. Fresh whole fruits and sugar-free juices, and lean and high-quality protein help in weight management and stress reduction.

3. Flush Out Toxins

Healthy fluids such as water, coconut water and probiotics remove toxins from the body. Toxins are the main culprits for various diseases. Hence, cut down on caffeine, sodas, alcohol, and other artificial beverages. Include more natural fluids to stay healthy.

  • Green tea and other variants of tea such as chamomile, lemongrass, and mint help calm the mind. They add zero calories and are also a great way to flush away toxins.
  • Intermittent fasting is another proven method of pushing the toxins out of the body. It may also help in decreasing the chances of the occurrence of lifestyle diseases.
  • Fresh home-made fruit juices without any added sugar and flavors are a delicious way to hydrate your body and provide the necessary vitamins.

4. Go On a Digital Detox

Digital devices are an integral part of a working professional’s life. The time we spend on the internet and digital devices is increasing year after year.

Research confirms that the computer is the prime source of electromagnetic radiation for humans. Similarly, social media may also impact your mental health and trigger negative moods and stress levels.

To overcome such side effects, go on a digital detox once a week. Shut down the screens completely. Spend time with family and in nature. It provides a physical activity, as well as de-stresses you.

5. Add Enough Physical Activity To Your Routine

Staying physically active helps in many ways. It helps in managing weight and reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases like type-2 diabetes and cancer.

To stay physically active, add the following tips into your daily routine:

  • Walking, jogging, swimming, skipping, running and yoga provides ample physical activity. Strength training and intensive workouts also benefit both the mind and body.
  • Do gardening once or twice a week in your free time. Based on the activity you do in the garden, gardening can burn anywhere around 250-600 calories per hour!
  • Include weight training and muscle-building activities. They help maintain weight and delay aging-related muscle loss, leading to weight gain in later life stages.
  • Spend time doing your favorite physical activity. Playing sports, dancing, trekking, etc., give enough exercise to the body and it relaxes the

6. Consider Nutritional Supplements

Food and a healthy lifestyle are always the first line of defense for your body. Modern cooking techniques like deep frying deprive us of obtaining the whole nourishment through food.

Hence, to fill this nutrition gap, include supplements in your diet. Consult your doctor for choosing health supplements that suit your body’s needs. Besides taking the vitamins, you must add food supplements rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, B6, and B12.

The Bottom Line

Staying healthy for working professionals need a little attention in terms of lifestyle and diet changes. Try to reduce stress as much as possible. Spend more time with family, in nature and with pets. A healthy and nutritious diet, followed by adequate physical activity, every day can ensure a robust professional life. As a last resort, opt for health supplements with the advice of your family doctor.

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