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    TEAM BUILDING: 8 unusual virtual team building events your team will love

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    By Lorna Boyer, Marketing & PR, Eventurous

    The move to remote working has presented challenges for teams everywhere. From boosting morale and maintaining strong communication, to battling burnout, virtual team building activities have become vital in engaging and rewarding remote employees. This new landscape for online events has seen some weird and wonderful team building activities created. We’ve searched the internet and compiled 8 of our favourites.

    1. Pumpkin Succulent Centrepiece Workshop

    Get the team together online for some autumnal team building and create gorgeous pumpkin centre pieces. Everyone will be sent a pumpkin succulent kit, filled with vibrant green succulents, natural moss, and, of course, real pumpkins to get your team into the autumnal spirit. An experienced host will then guide attendees through constructing their unique centre pieces and give handy care tips to help them last a whole season. An unusual but beautiful table decoration, your team will be left with a piece to display and enjoy long after the event.

    2. Group Tarot Experience

    Get answers to all your burning life questions with a group tarot experience. Find out the secrets to making your business a success and unique paths for individual employees. A fun and engaging experience, attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and receive guidance from the cards. Group Tarot is a unique team activity that opens the mind to new possibilities. Its an unusual way to shake up your culture, get new perspectives, and provide a captivating experience for employees. An experience that blends mindfulness, theatrical presentation, and self-exploration, it’s a quirky activity that your team won’t have experienced before!

    3. Virtual Race Night

    What to expect: To see your staffs’ competitive sides! The thrill and excitement of a virtual race night is taking over company team building events right now. But why not choose a race night with a twist? Hosting more than just horse racing, this virtual race night will also treat delegates to some quirky sheep racing and exhilarating cheese rolling! A Virtual Race Night team building event is a fun way to reconnect and re-energise remote colleagues and encourage a little healthy competition as they choose the best competitor to back. Lead by your very own professional race night bookie, with tips and tricks on backing the winner, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush as your competitor nears the finish line. A great team building activity to help employees socialise, let off steam and switch off for a little while, we’ve seen attendees climbing on chairs and cheering on their competitors at the tops of their voices!

    4. SolarBuddy Programme Team Building

    Looking for a team building activity that does good for both your employees and those in need? Build solar powered lights and help the SolarBuddy programme, who aim to give six million solar lights to children living in energy poverty by 2030. Each of your employees will receive a surprise pack, sent straight to their door, containing everything they need for the activity. A SolarBuddy coach will then share real stories about energy poverty and explain how innovative design can help to change lives. Your team assemble the solar lights, which are then sent back to SolarBuddy and distributed to children who are most in need. Tap into your colleagues’ creative and logical skills and build connections not just among colleagues but all across the world.

    5. Goat-to-Meeting

    If you’d like an interesting guest appearance at your next zoom meeting, why not hire farm animals to entertain your employees! Hosted by one of the directors, Sweet Farm will take your guests on a walk around their farm and introduce everyone to all of their adorable, rescued animals. You’ll be taught about the inner workings of the farm and gain insight into how the team are helping to create a compassionate and sustainable world. A whimsical way to brighten up your zoom conference, we think goats should attend every meeting!

    6. Meditainment

    Destress from months of home working and take your team on a journey of inner peace, with a Meditainment team building activity. Immersed in sounds of nature and shrouded in subdued lighting, participants are shown images of the stunning places they can visit on a guided meditation journey. Travel to the Secret Garden, Lost City or Desert Oasis, as attendees choose their own journey in their own time. Each guest will sit back, close their eyes, and visualise their enchanting journey, enjoying all the benefits of meditation. Described as the ‘ultimate nerve-soother’, what better way to battle burnout and refresh employees adapting to the stress of working remotely?

    7. Gameshow Mania

    Ever sit and shout at the TV because the contestants can’t get the easiest of questions right? Well now’s your chance to test your knowledge as you step into the sets of some of the best known TV gameshows! You and your attendees will need to work in teams to score points in a series of gameshow style round, encouraged by a live host. A blast from the bast, Gameshow Mania is an exciting and fun filled team building activity, featuring a mixture of some of the UKs most loved gameshows. Test your skill in challenging rounds, including countdown, catchphrase and play your cards right. The perfect virtual teambuilding event to get everyone participating, guests will get the opportunity to be a TV contestant for the evening, but who will take away the nights star prize?

    8. Helping Hands

    The virtual CSR team building activity that provides prosthetic hands to amputees around the world, Helping Hands will leave your team with the wonderful, lasting feeling of helping someone else whilst also working on their own problem solving skills. A Build-a-Hand kit is sent directly to each delegate, containing all the materials needed to build the prosthetic, decorate a carrying case and write a note to the future recipient. Everyone will then watch a video, showing them the effect of the life changing gift they are about to build, before splitting into breakout groups and assigning roles to support each other through the steps of building their hand. Finished prosthetics are returned to the foundation and sent to amazing recipients around the world. Helping Hands is a rewarding and heart-warming team building activity, that will change the lives of others and give your teams chance to develop a multitude of skills.

    After adapting to this new remote world, it’s great to see some amazing new virtual team building events taking shape. Whether you’re looking for an exciting team building activity that rewards hard working staff or something fun to develop key transferable skills, choosing an unusual team building event can help make a memorable experience for everyone involved.

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