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    Why embracing digital solutions can ensure staff performance doesn’t decline in the post Covid-19 world

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    Research by StaffCircle has revealed that over half (54%) of employees say that management had not enforced appraisals during lockdown, leading to concerns that staff performance may be affected.

    Adrian Lewis, director at Activ Absence, says this research is worrying as it comes at a time when companies are trying to get back to normality and need a strong performing workforce to ensure they can recover…

    Understandably during the lockdown many processes went by the wayside as people got used to working remotely. However, as businesses start to operate more normally from this month, with some workers returning to the office and others coming off furlough part-time, it is vital that appraisals are done to ensure staff performance doesn’t slip and that employees feel valued and engaged.

    Personal and professional development is essential for all employees, but without reviewing where people are at with their goals and objectives, it’s difficult for employers to know what support or training they may need. The Covid crisis has halted professional development in many companies but it’s time to get things back on track.

    The research highlighted one of the stumbling blocks to carrying out appraisals when people are working remotely could be that firms didn’t have the technology in place – with just under half (47%) saying “old-fashioned paper processes” are still used for appraisals.

    Companies shouldn’t underestimate the value of appraisals in focusing people’s energy and motivation. This is especially important now as businesses begin to resume normal operations. However, companies unable to carry out appraisals digitally may be at a disadvantage, especially as remote working is set to continue for many companies. Having the right systems and tools in place to manage the process effectively means businesses can nurture talent and engage employees. Appraisals are about more than just pay or the opinion of one manager, they are key in developing staff and ensuring good performance.

    To make it easier for firms to carry out appraisals regardless of where people are working, Activ People HR offers Activ Appraisals as part of its suite of cloud-based HR solutions. The tool is designed to make the process of managing employee appraisals and performance reviews simpler and more effective.

    It helps managers prepare for an appraisal or review, and to record all feedback from the employee and their peers, so they always have a full picture of their employees’ achievements or challenges. It also enables managers to review previous performance and assess if objectives and core competencies have been met.

    Lockdown has shown many companies how technology can facilitate remote working. As we move into a post Covid-19 world, embracing digital solutions could really help employers manage the new ways of working. This includes managing appraisals to keep staff on course and ensure they are performing whether they are working from home or in the office.

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