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20% of candidates miss out on job opportunities because they aren’t the right ‘cultural fit’

Workers across the country could be missing out on jobs because they aren’t considered the right fit for company culture, according research released from job board totaljobs. One in five bosses have admitted they have chosen not to hire a candidate based on if they were considered a poor fit in the office.

Just 1% of employers revealed that cultural compatibility was unimportant in the hiring process, while more than two thirds of recruiters value culture very highly. When it comes to what makes up company culture, 78% describe it as welcoming someone friendly with the rest of the office. 47% simply look for someone with a professional outlook.

“Much like reputation, company culture takes a long time to build but can be broken in an instant,” said Matthew Harradine, director at totaljobs. “Having an attractive company culture can help to attract and retain staff, and our recent report shows a clear link between a strong company culture and happy, more efficient employees.”

A strong and welcoming company atmosphere has also been linked to supporting gender equality and diversity, with Over three quarters of employers said cultural fit helps to improve staff retention, while 70% said it improves job satisfaction. 64% said it makes work a more fun place to be for everyone, while 60% said it even increases productivity and it makes employees more committed.

In order to improve office atmosphere, employers have offered their top tips, which include:

– Encouraging a positive team atmosphere (76%)
– Recognising and rewarding great work (57%)
– Encouraging strong relationships (54%)
– Improving communication (51%)
– Acting as a role model to employees (50%)

Does company culture affect the way you work? Would you leave a company over its atmosphere? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.