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3 things you should never do at work

3 things you should never do at work

We all have quirky traits that define the kind of person we are. But even in the changing world of business there are certain things you should never do at work, according to Kris Duggan, Co-Founder and CEO of BetterWorks.

In an article for Fortune, Kris says you should never:

Refuse to collaborate
It doesn’t really matter if you work better on your own; employers want to know you’re capable of functioning in a team, so it’s never a good idea to refuse to collaborate with your colleagues. Maintain an open line of communication to avoid slowing down a project.

Fail to communicate
Social skills are essential in any office situation, but especially in the relationship between boss and employee. Don’t keep your problems or worries bottled up; always let your manager know if you’re facing difficulties, or even if you’re just really proud of something you’ve done.

Disrespect others’ time
As a PA, you know that your boss’s time is extremely valuable – and so is everyone else’s. Don’t waste others’ time on meaningless meetings and always stick to the schedule so meetings don’t run late. Consider that your colleagues are probably busy if you need them to do something for you.

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