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    Conscious Spaces reveals how your home & workplace can boost your wellbeing

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    Revitalising and relaxing, spending time in nature makes us feel good.

    But what if being indoors – even sitting at your desk – could be just as health-enhancing as a walk through a forest or a swim in a mountain stream?

    Aiming to make your indoor environments as closely aligned with their natural counterparts as possible, Conscious Spaces embraces scientific research to create interiors that inspire feelings of peace, positivity and purity: spaces where organic materials, clean air, fresh water, rejuvenating light and energetic balance all play a pivotal role in your wellbeing.

    Tara Williams founded Conscious Spaces after learning first-hand the value of non-toxic, mindful living. Bedridden with ME, chronic fatigue and endometriosis, she sought out alternative ways to heal. She researched, trialled and trained in an array of approaches, remedies and therapies, and her learnings culminated in the creation of Conscious Spaces.

    “When it comes to wellbeing, people are often focused on diet and exercise, without paying attention to their surroundings,” says Tara. “But our buildings, the way they’re ventilated and the things they’re filled with, can have a huge impact – either negative or positive – on our health.”

    A study by Harvard University showed that cognitive abilities increase by 61% in green-certified buildings, while another found that workers in green buildings experienced better sleep quality, fewer headaches and less nausea.

    Providing a personalised service, the industry-leading practitioners at Conscious Spaces work to pinpoint areas of concern and then suggest the most effective products or services to create a clean and pure space for work or play.

    Areas of expertise include indoor air quality, water purity, infrared therapy, space clearing, feng shui, protection from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and blue light.

    Visit consciousspaces.com to learn more and to browse the brand’s online wellness boutique.

    For more information please contact support@consciousspaces.com or call 01327 727 222.

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