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      Coronavirus: Working from home? There’s a podcast for that…

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      A quarter of Brits choose to listen to podcasts whilst working from home, with comedy the No.1 category.

      That’s according to research conducted by ABC Finance, which revealed not only a rising number of Brits listening to podcasts whilst working at home, but also what they are choosing to listen to. 

      Key Findings:

      • 12% of the UK’s population (6.5 million) listen to a podcast every week.
      • Since the beginning of March,  the number of Google searches for ‘podcasts for work’ has increased by 90% – suggesting that the number of people listening to podcasts whilst working from home is on the rise.
      • Almost 2/3 (61%) of regular podcast listeners spend more time listening to podcasts than they do watching TV – suggesting that they not only listen to podcasts for productivity, but to unwind too. 
      • This is only confirmed by the fact that 30% of the podcasts in Spotify’s ‘Top 50 Podcast Charts’ are comedy – which also suggests that Brits are wanting some relief from the current news. 
      • However, the current second most popular podcast category is ‘educational’ – accounting for 20% of the top 50 podcasts on Spotify. One of these podcasts is titled, ‘The Coronavirus Newscast’ and is number 28 on the list.

      As part of their research, ABC Finance analysed Spotify’s ‘Top 50 Podcast Charts’ on March 20th to reveal which categories are currently the most popular.

      The Current Most Popular Podcast Categories*
      PositionCategoryNo. of PodcastsPercentage

      Top 10 Podcasts

      1 Peter Crouch Podcast – Sport
      2 Sh**gged, Married, Annoyed – Comedy
      3 Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster – Comedy
      4 The Receipts Podcast – Comedy
      5 My Favourite Murder – Thriller
      6 Last Podcast On The Left – Thriller
      7 No Such Thing As A Fish – Educational
      8 The Misfits Project – Culture
      9 My Dad Wrote a Porno – Comedy
      10 Today in Focus – Educational

      In addition, ABC Finance have an interactive guide which highlights the different demographics of podcast listeners >  https://abcfinance.co.uk/podcast-industry-report/index.html#6

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