Customer service in hospitality under microscope in Understanding Excellence white paper

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Make Venues has launched a new report that delves into the need for – and nuances of customer service.

The white paper, ‘Understanding Excellence’, provides detailed discussion about the meaning of service in business and what the event industry can learn from leading brands.

In particular, it looks at how household brands such as Warby Parker, SouthWest Airlines and Lyft, have demonstrated quality in this area.

The Understanding Excellence report is part of the Make Venues group’s ongoing research into how quality can be both achieved and maintained in the long term.

As well as evaluating the successes of some big brands, the 24-page white paper also offers some insight from experts such as Ken Kelling – a life coach who specialises in exploring purpose – as well as a foreword from Make Venues’ David Vaughton, who has driven the brand’s focus on customer service, and continues to drive the businesses learning in this area.

“We have spent years assessing what great customer service looks like and what it means to our customers. Over the last few months though, what has become clear to us is that service remains a reassuring factor for businesses looking to invest in meetings,” said David Vaughton, Make Venues Managing Director. “It’s why we, as a management team, have focused on it around everything we have done since the lock down, and it remains a big part of our reopening commitments.

“At present our clients are looking to us to fulfil their event objectives as well as ensure their safety, but this should not come at a price. We don’t want them to feel that quality is comprised. Our white paper looks at what the term customer service represents and how we can consistently achieve it.”

Download the full report here.

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