• Is your company prepared for future technology?

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    Technology is continuing to change, and companies have had to adapt quickly to keep relevant in the shifting landscape, but just how has it altered the way we see the business world? Business Energy comparison specialist Love Energy Savings has investigated the changes in tech and has spoken to industry experts to identify the best ways to futureproof your firm.

    Streamlined software
    Choosing platforms like Slack and Trello can help groups focus and communicate quicker than before, with the abilities to set deadlines for tasks and share information even when you’re out of the office. Embracing software between colleagues can help encourage social interactions that may not have happened before, growing your business and even helping with talent retention.

    Customer experiences
    Accessibility is a major part of dealing with the public. In an on-demand world, keeping connected to clients outside of office hours is essential. Maintaining your social media presence and giving your clients the sense of control will keep you relevant in the instantly rate-able landscape alongside apps like Trip Advisor and Uber. The gift of choice should be made priority when dealing with anyone outside of your business, as well as in-house.

    Remote working
    Working from home or out of the office is not a new development by any means, but technological advancements have made remote working more efficient, economical and enticing than ever before to bosses. The improvements in instant communications, from messaging to video chats have given employers more confidence in letting workers spend time away from their desk. A boost in flexible hours and working can have a positive impact on businesses, especially as the younger generation values it more than older workers.

    Go mobile
    Don’t underestimate the power of mobile. Optimising your business so that resources are accessible through your phone means employees and clients have access at their fingertips. Businesses like Chargifi have introduced wireless charging to venues, events and offices to keep people connected for longer.

    “Smartphones are intrinsic to our everyday lives, from connecting with family and friends through to booking airline tickets or hotel stays,” explained Dan Bladen, CEO of Chargifi. “As such, staying powered up and connected is essential for consumers. For brands, this provides an opportunity to offer a solution in the form of convenient wireless charging.

    “With the next iPhone rumoured to contain wireless charging capabilities, the adoption of this technology will only increase, and brands need to innovate their spaces to unlock the power of this modern-day must-have amenity to improve customer experiences.”


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