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    More than half of British workers love their jobs

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    Nearly two thirds of Brits claim to either love or really like their jobs as reports show that 64% of workers don’t suffer from ‘Sunday night dread’. The study marked the launch of the One4all Spotlight Awards, and revealed that many across the country hold their job in high regard, with a third expecting to be in their current role for the foreseeable future.

    When quizzed on top priorities, work came third among respondents as many admitted to going the extra mile to ensure the success of their company and the safety of their position. Topping priorities were family and relationships, although money was shown to be a major factor for most with just 3% saying they would be willing to take a pay cut for the sake of their company’s future. While 97% wouldn’t be comfortable with less pay for the same role, one in three would take on work outside of their job role, and even work longer hours where necessary.

    The top five happiest industries in the country were revealed to be the arts, followed by construction and trade, leisure and travel, information and communications, and education, who were all shown to work longer hours and take on more responsibilities to ensure the success of their company.

    “It’s great to see how many British workers truly enjoy their jobs and the companies they work for,” said Declan Byrne, UK managing director at One4all Rewards. “We spend such a huge portion of our lives in work so it’s really important to feel that you are in the right role and company.”

    While almost two thirds of workers are satisfied in their current position, with 18% even believing they’d be willing to travel more or further for their work, being rewarded for their efforts is still crucial for One4all, who want to remind bosses that more than one in three workers are still dissatisfied with their career.

    “Employers need to take this statistic seriously,” warned Byrne. “While it is fantastic that the majority claim to enjoy their jobs, there is still 36% of the UK work force that can’t say this is true, and these people need their morale and happiness at work to be addressed.”

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