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      New ‘Sit-Stand’ desks could boost productivity by 60%

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      Office supplies company Fellowes has announced the launch of the ‘next generation workstation,’ which hopes to boost European productivity by 60% and potentially save billions of Euros in the process.

      The move towards Sit-Stand technology aims to encourage active working as a way to retain talent, increase worker productivity, lower absence and reduce illness. Statistics have revealed that almost half of European workers have had to take medication as a result of work-related ailments and one in three have admitted to taking extra time off because of their working conditions. With businesses across Europe losing €73 billion (around £62 billion) per year due to workplace illness, Fellowes is concerned that employers aren’t doing enough to ensure the best for their workers.

      “With an ever increasing squeeze on productivity, and retaining and attracting the best talent becoming ever more difficult, our research outlines a clear call to action for employers to take wellbeing more seriously,” said Louise Shipley, European business team manager at Fellowes.

      As a workstation designed to sit on top of a standard desk, it allows workers to adjust the height of their computer in order to sit and stand when they prefer. Already very popular in Scandinavia with 88% of companies offering Sit-Stand solutions, the workstations are believed to prevent stress and fatigue, while aiding digestion, metabolism and help with your breathing. Long term, there have even been links to reducing the risk of heart disease, anxiety and even cancer.

      “Sit-Stand Workstations offer a simple change within the workplace environment which can start a wellbeing revolution,” continued Louise Shipley. “Fellowes is leading a Sit-Stand Movement by equipping businesses to become workplaces of the future.”

      “Employees now have a unique opportunity to take control of their health and employers to safeguard their greatest asset – their staff.”

      Offering a ‘try before you buy’ scheme, businesses interested in the workstation can click here

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