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Research reveals the most dreaded work conversations

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Requesting a meeting with your boss or a colleague is nerve-racking, but the topic of conversation is what makes most people uncomfortable. New research by marketing firm Fractl shows exactly which conversations are the most dreaded at work.

The survey reveals that 66% of people go into a difficult conversation planning to be agreeable and considerate in order to make the other person comfortable. However, the same number says they’ve played a part in making a colleague feel uncomfortable, while 81% believe there are different ways of looking at every situation. More than 75% say they’re likely to be direct and concise to avoid confusion.

When it comes to the topic of conversation, negotiating a pay rise is most terrifying for 58% of respondents; that number rises to 66% for female employees. Rather unexpectedly, apologising for a mistake and discussing a lack of clear direction are the conversations that make people the least uncomfortable.

75% of those surveyed say they’re more comfortable having a difficult conversation through a direct report, while only 46% were satisfied with the outcome when speaking to a supervisor.

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