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    The reason we’re becoming a sleep deprived society

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    We all feel overtired from time to time, however consistently failing to get the recommended amount of sleep can quickly lead to exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

    Before the period of industrialisation, the sleep cycle of humans was very different. Without the 9-5 working day and artificial lighting to dictate our sleep routine, we used to rest in two separate shifts during the daytime. Over time as society has changed, so has our natural sleeping pattern. 

    Unfortunately, this means it’s getting easier for people to become sleep deprived due to overexposure to artificial lighting. There are components in artificial light that interfere with our circadian rhythm, a biological cycle that allows us to develop a regular sleeping and waking routine. Because of this, being constantly surrounded by digital screens and electric lights at home and work can quickly cause us to become sleep deprived. It’s easy for us to underestimate how important sleep is, however lack of sleep can quickly cause other, more dangerous health problems.

    This infographic created by Solarspot looks at how our relationship with modern technology could be causing a sleep deprivation in society. Read on to learn all about why we should be prioritising our sleep health and better managing our exposure to artificial lighting.

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