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    Here’s what’s REALLY stopping you from sleeping

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    Arguing before bed, exercising late and checking work emails really do affect your sleep – but eating cheese and taking daytime naps may make no difference, according to experts. TV medical professional Dr Ranj has debunked some of the popular myths about sleep, including claims that everyone needs to get a full eight hours a […]

    Half of Brits are WFB (that’s Working From Bedroom)

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    More than half of workers have transformed their bedrooms into makeshift offices during lockdown, according to new research. The survey of 2,000 adults who are working from home examined how they have adapted after offices were forced to close in March. More than half (54 per cent) of those questioned by Premier Inn say the […]

    Coronavirus: At Home Tips to Support Your Immune System

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    Our immune system is vital for survival, its main purpose being to make antibodies which fight against infection and disease. To keep healthy, it is essential to keep the immune system strong. Leveraged on five pillars, the World Health Organisation has made an official statement on how vital it is to keep up with your […]

    Stressful mornings? You’re not alone

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    Breakfast is the most stressful time of the day – because of tantrums, queues for the bathroom and running out of milk for cereal. A study of 1,000 parents and their children uncovered a never-ending list of early morning responsibilities, with more than two-thirds feeling there are never enough minutes in the morning. Getting yourself […]

    The reason we’re becoming a sleep deprived society

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    We all feel overtired from time to time, however consistently failing to get the recommended amount of sleep can quickly lead to exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Before the period of industrialisation, the sleep cycle of humans was very different. Without the 9-5 working day and artificial lighting to dictate our sleep routine, we used to […]

    Are you guilty of taking workplace stresses home?

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    Workplace tensions have caused millennials to experience weight loss and sleep deprivation, a new study has found. There’s no doubt about it, our daily lives at work can often consume us and lead to anxiety, with many of us taking our worries home asking ourselves whether we sent that email or if we made that […]

    We lose up to six days a year from snoozing our alarm

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    For most of us, getting up in the morning is hard! The cold and dark mornings make it nearly impossible to get out of a warm comfortable bed. So, when the alarm goes off, the first thing you think is, I just need five more minutes. You aren’t alone, in fact, new research has actually […]

    The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel promote the power of sleep in September well-being week

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    The Grand Brighton and sister property Richmond Hill Hotel have held a second dedicated period of well-being activity, focusing on the power of a good night’s sleep for improving well-being and reducing stress. Following a successful month of well-being activities in June this year, the hotel has devoted a week to encouraging their clients and […]

    Have you ever snuck off for a quick nap at work?

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    With 86% of people not able to speak to their line manager about how tiredness is impacting on performance. It’s unsurprising that one in ten of us have purposefully taken a nap at work. New research from health and wellbeing provider, Westfield Health, has found over one in ten (11%) of working brits have purposefully […]

    GDPR can now send you to sleep. Literally

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    Are you tired of the seemingly endless meetings and emails about GDPR at your place of work? Well, some bright spark has taken the 57,509-word document to its logical conclusion – an app that sends you to sleep. That’s right, if you download meditation app Calm [iTunes link] there’s an option to listen to the GDPR law […]

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