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  1. 10 worst things to hear when you’re ill at work
    Sometimes we get ill, it happens to the best of us. The worst flu season on record is upon us, so there’s quite a strong chance that you or someone you work with is going to end up bringing illness into the office.
  2. Are businesses serious enough about mental illness?
    Businesses not taking mental illness seriously enough are being urged to reassess the value of their employees as part of this year’s World Mental Health Day. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has launched an advice pack for businesses looking to revise their policies on mental health, which can not only affect company health and wellbeing, but also encourage staff retention, growth and even boost company profits.
  3. Digital Edition: September 2017 
    Check out our latest magazine, featuring our profile with EA to the MD of the Monaco Tourist Authority, Noémi Guy…
  4. How to prove yourself in your new job
    Starting a new job comes with a lot of excitement but just as much pressure. New environment, new people, new responsibilities. They’re confident enough in you to give you a shot so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, but that won’t stop your mind trying to think of ways to impress. Well, don’t over-analyse it because we’ve come up with our top tips for putting your right foot forward and striding confidently into your first day.
  5. Young workers make their minds up about an office within 5 minutes
    Around two thirds of Generation Z decide whether or not they’d like to work for a company within just five minutes, according to new research. Office specialist Powwonow surveyed a number of 18 to 23-year olds, also known as Generation Z or Gen Z, to find out how long it takes for younger workers to make a choice on prospective employers and what factors take priority on the job hunt.
  6. App of the Week: Asemblr
    How much of your time is consumed with venue sourcing? How often do you find yourself waiting to hear back from a venue, or talking for long periods with people not giving you the answers you need? Asemblr is hoping to cut through all the red tape and give PAs exactly what they need in as little time as possible.
  7. What to avoid when managing business travel
    Business travel is big business, but it also means a lot of money is on the line. It represents the second largest line of expenditure for organisations across the world, and managers need to be aware of pitfalls if they’re to make the most out of business travel.
  8. The 10 deadly interview sins
    Limp handshakes, bad hygiene and flirting have all been highlighted in a list of the top 10 deadly interview sins.
  9. COMPETITION: wine and dine for 2 to celebrate Northbank’s 10th birthday
    Northbank restaurant in the City of London celebrates its 10th birthday this month, having served City workers the best of British cuisine since 2007.
  10. Tried & Tasted: The Alfred Tennyson
    When I was invited to a London gastro-pub for review, I should have known there would be more to it than that.
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