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    Wellbeing Month…

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    January is ending and with it brings the final week of Wellbeing Month at PA Life. But, this doesn’t mean the end of looking after yourself, and we will continue to share tips on how to ensure wellness is a priority for you throughout 2021.

    During the year, there are a number of awareness days which you can use as general reminders to check in with yourself and your team. Provided by Hope Health, the wellbeing calendar suggests how you can get people talking about key topics such as mental health.

    Sadly, the pandemic is still with us, with no news yet of when the third lockdown will end. Coping with this new normal will continue into February and Hope Health’s marketing director Shane Mansfield, says: “Companies need to connect with their employees when working from home, appreciate their hard work and offer their support during these unprecedented times.”

    There are some really simple ways to do this and you can read Shane’s top tips here.

    There are also ways that you can look after your wellbeing at home. This week Jess Ince, director at INSYNCshared the many benefits of conscious living. From shifting your focus and living more mindfully to creating healthy habits and a routine, living consciously increases happiness and satisfaction.

    Ways to find fulfilment can be challenging at the moment and as we enter February PA Life will be looking at how technology has helped us through the pandemic, and will continue to be important to us all going forward.Digital skills have never been more important – please feel free to get in touch to share the tools that have aided you while working from home.

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